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WWWis Setup

WWWis Setup

Since version 2 there are three ways to give your options to WWWis these are:
The System Level
Usually done by the system administrator or whoever is installing WWWimagesize
The User Level
Done by each user. WWWimagesize now has a configuration file which will allow each user to set their own options.
The Command Line
Done by a user at runtime. All the option settable in WWWis are available to be set at the command line (plus more)
Either way the following options are now available

The Options

To see the options that are configurable then please see this table

Changing the options at a system level

This will require some modification of the source, but is very simple. In the WWWis file an array called options is declared, you simply have to change the 3rd column to be the settings you want the defaults to be. No other changes should be necessary. Error checking is built in to WWWis so if you mess up it should tellyou about it. To check you set the options right run wwwis -usage to see what options are set

Changing the options at a user level

WWWis now supports user configuration files. These are usually .wwwisrc in the users home directory but if the environment variable WWWISRC is set then that file will be loaded instead.
All blank lines and lines starting with a # will be ignored. The file is not case sensitive.
The format is very simple on each line you should have an option name and then following it the setting for that option. Here is my .wwwisrc file

# configuration file for WWWimagesize
OverwriteBackup YES
BackupExtension ~
DoChmodChown yes

Command Line Arguments

All the options can be set from the command line also. In addition to these other command line arguments are available.

-versionPrints out the current version which you are using - if you need to contact me then it is useful to tell me this
-usagePrints out the usage message and also prints out the status of the options at this stage in the command line parsing.
-debugThe complete specification for what this does changes from version to version. the most important differences are that the output is sent to a file called output.html
-imagesizeThis can be used to find out the image size of a file. It was added so that my emacs mode can call WWWis and insert the width and height tags for me as I write my HTML. It only works on files on the current filesystem.
-OptionName ValueAs well as all the other command line options you can also specify an option and then the value you want for it. (e.g. -SearchUrls Yes) these should not be case specific but you need to specify the whole option and value you are setting it to.