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WWWis Features

  • Fully configurable via system and user wide configuration files
  • All options modifiable from the command line
  • Supprts GIF, JPEG, XBM and PNG Image formats
  • Retains files original ownerships & permissions
  • Skips Symbolic links and Directories
  • Clever user configuarable handling of WIDTH & HEIGHT tags alreday present
  • Realatively fail safe (if it fails then it shouldn't write the file) if it does munge up your files you always have the backups created by wwwis
  • Supports the following URL conventions
    • Relative path referencing (<IMG SRC="Images/me/alex.gif">)
    • Absolute URL referencing (<IMG SRC="http://example.com/Images/me/alex.gif">)
    • Absolute path referencing (<IMG SRC="/Images/people/alex.gif">)
    • Absolute path referencing to user's home directory (<IMG SRC="/images/blueball.gif">)
  • Supports the base tag
  • gets in touch with the server if it can't find the file locally (get's around path translations)
  • Uses hash table of images fetched in each session
  • Can use a proxy server to fetch external images
  • Can have a input filter script
  • supports ouytput filter script and output processing script
  • If no changes are needed to a file it is not written
  • Option to upcase HTML tags (unsupported)
  • Option to complain if no ALT tag in HTML
  • Can ignore or overwrite if it finds a WIDTH=100%
  • All new GIF size routine to get size of first image
  • All old bugs fixed....
  • Searches both IMaGes and FIGUEs (i.e. <IMG and <FIGURE)
  • There's probably many many more I can't remember....

How could you possibly want more?