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WWWis Changelog

Version Date Changes
2.44 12th Jan 2005
  • Added SaveTimestamp (Thanks to Markus Fix)
2.43 2nd Dec 2004
  • Added UpcaseNewTags
2.41 12th May 2004
  • Added SkipThreshold Option (Thanks to Clint for the patch)
2.38 19th Jan 2004
  • Added Quiet option and added .pl file to SkipCGI (Thanks to Dan Heller for the patch)
2.36 15th Aug 2002
  • Support for MNG images (multiple image PNG's) added (Thanks to Scott Hoge for the patch)
  • added a SkipFilter
  • added second jpegsize method
2.26 26th Jan 1999
  • made the HTTP request be HTTP/1.1 with help from Robert Hood
2.24 18th Nov 1998
  • made it recognize the makebackup option
  • added text to say if no values returned
2.23 4th May 1998
  • added Magnus' skip 1x1 image
  • added text to say if tags inserted or updated
2.20 14th January 1998
  • Fixed seek problems in newgifsize - you can't seek with a socket (Duh!)
  • Also fixed output record sep when it's not defined for File/Copy.pm
2.19 18th December 1997
  • replaced system(cp) with copy from File::copy; (Thanks HansS@Fenestrae.com)
  • Fixes suggested by Davin Milun (milun@cs.Buffalo.EDU)
    • added fix for chmod check (Whoops!)
    • UsePerlCp - option for using perl cp or system cp (with -p flag)
    • IgnoreLinks - option to ignore symbolic links - This is default on
2.17 6th October 1997
  • This is now only for PERL 5 if you don't have it, get it from http://www.perl.org/
  • Made it use strict and Socket
  • Updated Socket code to get rid of not an number error
  • fixed bug with mungper and a %
  • Small change to the JPEG code
2.10 23rd June 1997
  • added Greg's byte sex assumption fix to the png code.
  • hacked perl 4 perl 5 compatability code to use eval. (I'm going to give up on perl4 soon)
2.8 14th February 1997
  • added if statement to work out which version of perl you're using. It's not right, but it's an indication of what I want to do
  • added binmode to imgsize for PC - although I don't support PC's (unless it's running Linux :-)
  • added it so that if you have ChangeIfThere set to no it woudln't even find the size of the file - make sense to me
  • turned off newgifsize by default
  • got rid of > in NeedsAlt regexp
2.3 9th November 1996
  • implemented hash table for looked up values.
  • fixed clever way of calling perl.
  • fixed way that config file is selected - due to change again soon..
2.2 5th November 1996
  • testing my new version printout -version command line argument
  • Added usage C.L.O.
  • added command line parsing so you can set any value
  • file is only written if a change was made
  • fixed change if there ask kind of code - it was a mess
  • Added the following options
    • bool type to options array.
    • Proxies
    • Skip CGI
    • Script, InFilter and OutFilter as well as script
    • Makebackup, but didn't implement it yet.
2.1 4th November 1996
  • added version to top of file. Doh!
2.0 4th November 1996
  • got rid of all global variables - we'll apart from the option list
  • it now runs with -w with no errors - no mean feat :-)
  • make the image size getting routines return a 2 element array with either 0,0 or the width & height of the image
  • added sys/socket.ph to the start so should work on solaris machines
  • made stdout unbuffered so we can write bits at a time on the same line
  • change the way the command line is used to support command line arguments in future
  • now I only look at files with a length which look like text files
  • added the following options (may still be unimplemented, but you can set them!)
    • UpcaseTags * upcase all HTML tags
    • TryServer * if you can't find the file try the server? needs base tag
    • QuoteNums * quote the numbers when you insert them
    • Munge% - if a % is there do you want to to get rid of it?
    • NeedAlt * complain if no alt tag present
    • Base * to specify the base to use if we can't find the file
  • New output format fits each image on one line - looks nice - tells you what the tags were and will be
  • It actually recognizes if you have a base tag - although does nothing with it :-)
  • now it matches IMaGe's and FIGUREs (HTML3)
  • regexp to match an IMG or figure is much better
  • The chown code is much tider - proper use of stat
  • new istrue and isfalse functions for checking options values
  • replaces old attributes if they are there - keeping formatting - or inserts new attributes at start of TAG. It only insert width & height rather than rebuidling the line from $one -> $seven.
  • the base tag is recognized and if present the whole page it fetched using HTTP - do you really want this - some browsers don't even support the base tag! (A la Lynx)
  • If the file cannot be found it tries to contact the server to ask it for that file - this gets around server path translation problems
1.8 19th July 1995
  • Added png support (works with all the png's I know about!)
1.7 14th July 1995
  • Added {1+"$@"} to perl startup bit at the top apparantly this is better
1.6 13th June 1995
  • Added slash to my address alex\@ed STUPID ME! thanks to Michael Fischer
1.5 10th June 1995
  • Lot's of changes!
  • Made chmod & chown stuff an option cos caused problems for some people.
  • moved over to gnu indentaion levels (using emacs perl mode)
  • added Configuration file reader (with help from weblint source!)
  • global variables are now set via the options array
1.4 24th May 1995
  • Added code by Neal.McBurnett@att.com to help keep permissions & ownership the same as original file (this got rid of chmod setting)
  • wwwimagesize skips symbolic links!
1.3 15th May 1995
  • changed rename to copy so that original file's permissions were the same.
1.2 17th April 1995
  • made it so SRC did not need quotes around it
1.1 13th March 1995
  • fixed stupid mistake with regexp on remote urls
  • made small change to jpeg code (Thanks to Tom Lane for this one)
1.0 15 February 1995
  • support for jpeg's with lots of help from andrew
  • support for xbms
  • option to change backup extention
  • option to overwrite backup if there (or ask?)
  • option to MAYBE change width & height if they're already there
  • option to chmod output file (override your umask)
  • now calls perl in a clever way! (stolen from weblint, which is ace!)
  • made code for urls same as for files using streams
  • tried to make code robust - if it comes across something wrong it will now carry on and make no changes
  • changed name from gifsize to wwwimagesize
  • hoppefully never dies ungracefully
  • added lots of horrible perl code (this is my first attempt at perl programming, please be kind!)

Andrew Tong, werdna@ugcs.caltech.edu wrote gifsize which is where WWWis started from and here is his original changelog

0.5 19 January 1995
  • Fixed some serious bugs in the regular expressions.
  • gifsize will now tell you what it's working on as it chugs along
  • Now, it won't run if it finds a .html.bak file already existing.
0.2 16 January 1995
  • some code based on "client", an example program from Programming Perl, pp 342-344