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WWWis Bugs

There shouldn't really be any, but there are. Here's the ones I know about already.

Before telling me about a bug make sure you have the latest version and it is not in this list below. If you have a new bug then mail me

It doesn't ignore tags within HTML comments
That's right! Sorry. If you want to provide a patch to this please submit it.

Can I make it ignore certain images
People who use images as spacers and use Width & Height to scale images to do this don't want those images changed. You have two options:
  • set ChangeIfThere to NO (or Clever if your spacer image is 1x1 pixel)
  • Edit the regexp used for SkipCGI (around line 222) and turn SkipCGI on

fowls up if you have < or > in the ALT text
HTML says all text in alt is translated so you should be using &lt; in there as well as elsewhere in your html
Example <IMG SRC="bar.gif" ALT="<---------->"> is bad html it should be 
<IMG SRC="bar.gif" ALT="&lt;----------&gt;">

I get lots of "may clash with future reserved word" errors
You're probably using an old version of perl, you need perl 5 (It's much better), if you have perl 4 then you can use this OLD version of wwwis, at your own risk.

<img src="http:images/mail.gif">
This is not a URL and not valid HTML!

It doesn't recurse down directories
Not at the moment, but it might! Why don't you just use find? I have an example on the running wwwis page.

If my server uses translation tables (like CERN) it fails quite a lot!
Specify the Base option and turn on TryServer (see Options).

Some requests to external servers don't work (Especially proxy servers)
This is because I am using a very primitive subset of HTTP - I should rewrite the HTTP fetching code to work using HTTP/1.0
Until I get this fixed, you may want to look at the version of wwwis using LWP does this.

My files don't end in .gif or .jpeg so wwwis complains
I need to make wwwis look at the first few bytes of the strem, rather than depending on the filesize. This is not yet done, but for web requests the version ofwwwis using LWP does this.

To Do list

While not bugs, these are things I would like wwwis to do

get wwwis -imagesize to work nicer
I'd like to imagesize more than one image, I'd also like to call it from a symbolic link and it to recognize this

Real HTTP protocol
should use REAL http protocol to cope with virtual hosts with same IP address and some proxy servers

DO more stuff with the ALT tag
I could auto generate alt tags from the filenames of the images (Thanks Lembit Marder), or I could prompt for user input, or take a default ALT tag (ThanksDetlef Uecker)

Scale All images by a scale factor
Laesvuori Juha-Pekka suggested that you may want to scale all images in a page by a certain amount (0.5 for half size images and 2 for double size for example)

change WIDTH=100% to WIDTH="100%"
Wolfram Schmidt