What is it?

map2html is a simple perl script to convert server side imagemap files into client side HTML.

It's dead easy to use and may be extended to prowl HTML files and do the whole conversion for you! At the moment you run map2html on a map file and it outputs the HTML which you should add to your HTML document.

How do I use it?

The calling convention is:-
map2html [-u] [-sc] [-sn] [-nd] [-a name] mapfile

print out the usage message
map file is CERN format
map file is NCSA format
don't include the default area
-a name
Produce a map called name

Once you have the HTML output you simply have to add it to your HTML document. It is easier (and I think better) to add it to the document which contains the image (just after the <IMG SRC=".." ISMAP> bit). You'll also have to add USEMAP="#map" into the <IMG SRC=".." ISMAP> bit (i.e. <IMG SRC=".." ISMAP USEMAP="#map">).

The #map refers to the name of the map. If you put your maps in a separate file (e.g. maps.html) and called the map mymap then you would have to add USEMAP="maps.html#mymap".


It's simple.....

you add the HTML produced after the <IMG > in the HTML document and add USEMAP="#map" into the IMG tag.

<A HREF="/cgi-bin/htimage/">
<IMG SRC="Images/gif.gif" ALT="Hello World" ISMAP></A>
<A HREF="/cgi-bin/htimage/">
<IMG SRC="Images/gif.gif" ALT="Hello World" ISMAP USEMAP="#map"></A>
<!-- Here's the stuff produced by map2html -->
<MAP NAME="map">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="developer.html" COORDS="2,3,0,22">
<!-- Blah Blah Blah -->

What if the browser doesn't support Client Side Includes

NO. It works alongside the Server side way of doing things, just leave the <A HREF="/cgi-bin/htimage..."> stuff in your html and if the browser supports Client Side Image maps then they will be used, otherwise the old method will work fine.

How do I get it?

Well you simply Click but first you must realise


Once you have got a copy please register so I can send you details as it improves and new versions come out

How much does it cost?

map2html is provided completely free of charge. I don't want a bean for it. However if you would like to send me money then just mail me for an address.

The following documents were used to speed up the development of this program

This program would not have been created if I didn't find my software engineering practical so boring

If you NEED fancy GUI's you might try this program.

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