Feed App

Feed App is my Google App Engine Application that deals with feeds. It has several functions and some of them aren't finished yet.

Here's the blog post where I first mention feed app.

Make Private Blogger Feeds Public

This makes a private blogger feed public, the public feed only shows the most recent posts and replaces older posts with a tombstone that the post has been deleted. This prevents your content from being archived forever in places like google reader. This is complete and working it's kind of a reimplementation of feedFixer but uses oauth and other fancy stuff.

Expand a Feed so that it contains full content

This is a reimplementation of my expandrss script, but runs on app engine. This is not yet complete and not under development (Nov 2010)

An Email to Rss gateway

There's lots of services that do rss to email but I couldn't find a good one to go the other way. I want to forward my emails somewhere and have them show up in a semi-private rss feed.

If everything is all public you can do this with yahoo groups (and maybe google groups too?) just make a public group, post to it and use the rss feed.

Each feed will have the following properties

  • name of the feed
  • description of the feed
  • url of the feed (feedburner support?)
  • say how many posts are shown and how many are tombstoned (perhaps based on date)
  • view posts and delete or tombstone them
  • replace text in the post either on a per feed or globally (allows you to hide unsubscribe links)
  • include the email sender in the body of the post
  • specify the link for items in the feed either as a static text, or a regexp to find the link in the body of the email
  • regexp to automaticlally not include posts that match it
  • ability to tombstone posts after they are in the feed (via a web ui)
This is currently work in progress (Nov 2010)